Bichons are non-shed and the number one recommended for families with allergies
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How To Groom your Bichon Frise

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$250 Deposit to hold

We ship to any large airport in the US
We feed Iams"
small breed
So many ask about tear stain, all white dogs can get tear stain, but not all will
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Cavalier King Charles Puppies

We have been raising AKC Bichons for 25 years
We live in the heart of the Ozark's on a farm, we raise horses, sheep, llama's and puppies. Every litter of puppies born, I am there to see if the mother needs my help, I have my hands on these little ones right away. I LOVE them all and I have them well socialized for there new home,they only know love and kindness, many times its hard to see them go. But I keep up with the new family and I receive pictures of them, and over the years I have quite a collection.
When you are getting ready for your new puppy, this may work great for you--This play pin will keep your puppy safe while you are away, your puppy can play, eat and take naps
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Males-- $850
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AKC Bichon Frise
Daddy PowerBall
$250 Deposit to Hold
   Born 8-31-18
2 males- $850
4 females $950
Mother Pearl
The Barger Family
The Sheffield Family
The Murray Family
The Gunneman Family
The Davis Family
Two weeks old
Two weeks old
Two weeks old
Two weeks old
Two weeks old
Two weeks old