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We have been raising AKC Bichons for 25 years
We live in the heart of the Ozark's on a farm, we raise horses, sheep, llama's and puppies. Every litter of puppies born, I am their to see if the mother needs my help, I have my hands on these little ones right away. I LOVE them all and I have them well socialized for there new home, they only know love and kindness, many times its hard to see them go. But I keep up with the new family and I receive pictures of them, and over the years I have quite a collection.


Bichons are non-shed and the number one recommenced for families with allergies
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Our Country House
We raise, Sheep, Llama's and we have 5 horses and our dogs and puppies, very busy farm in Arkansas, I wouldnt give it up for anything
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Acquiring a puppy may be the only
     opportunity a human ever has to
            choose a relative
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